Doe Deere: The Colors Of Inspiration and Entrepreneurship

Women In Business

Reporter Stephanie Janetos of recently interviewed makeup maven, Doe Deere. The interview was requested after Deere was honored for her entrepreneurship by Self-Made Magazine, says the article. Janetos was curious to learn how Doe Deere and LimeCrime began.

It all began for Doe Deere as a child in her native Russia, she tells the reporter. She has always had a deep affinity for colors and art. Deere says that she was constantly doodling with crayons and paint. She took it a step further when she began experimenting with her mother’s cosmetics, the article states. She says that color remains her passion, and she is amazed to this day to realize that she is making money doing what she loves.

A memory that she shares with Janetos was back when she was a nine-year-old. Deere and some of her friends were having play séances, and they wanted to have costumes. She says that she got material and different clothes together to make witchy costumes. They used her mother’s makeup to paint dramatic colors on their faces. This was one of the first times Doe Deere designed a complete costume. Deere kept experimenting with flashy makeup colors as she got older. These experiments later helped her develop a makeup line of her own in 2008, says the article.

When she came to America, she and some of her friends started touring as a band. Since her mother had taught her how to sew as a child, she designed all of the outfits for her band mates, the article explains. It was not long until fans started asking the band how they could get costumes like they wear.

Inspired by the interest, Deere launched an eBay store in 2004 to sell her designs. She took the name of her favorite color with a rhyming word and named the store LimeCrime, says the article. Deere still likes how playful the name sounds and how it represents a new trend in makeup and fashion.

She developed makeup to match her colorful outfits she designed. The makeup was so popular that its sales soon eclipsed her clothing line. Now, LimeCrime deals exclusively in makeup, says the article. It is an Internet-based business that gives Deere lots of attention on social media. Her loyal customers, who she calls Unicorns, share her panache for vivid colors, she tells the reporter.

Doe Deere also mentions famous women who have been inspirational for her, such as Stella Rose, Elena, and Dita von Teese. She also spoke her admiration for various female business gurus. It is her desire to inspire other women like herself to stand up and be an entrepreneur.

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Make retirement dreams come true with guidance from The Midas Legacy

Financial Advice

The Midas Legacy wants to help you achieve early retirement. They want to help you build your wealth so you can enjoy all the benefits of retiring early. This is the dream that all people have for themselves, and you can have that. What is takes is a consultation from the highly regarded experts from The Midas Legacy.

The Midas Legacy is a group that believes in leaving a legacy of greatness. They want to help ensure you are able to achieve all your financial goals and are able to retire on your own terms. Their highly trained and knowledgeable team of experts on in the fields of finance, real estate, entrepreneurship and more will help guide you to your dreams of building your wealth, and building your health, naturally.

The Midas Legacy help you get on the road to success by offering capital to you if you have the great potential and drive to help others succeed in finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, and natural health. If you have this drive and determination to help others, then The Midas Legacy is who you need to help you reach the level of success you always wanted for yourself and your family.

This is a group that believes in giving to others. They are regular donors to such worthy charities like the Wounded Warrior Project, the Salvation Army, and the Florida Sheriff’s Association. This a part of their mission statement.

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Unlock Your Secret

Jim Samson, Sean Bower, Mark Edwards are just a few of the individuals who take it upon themselves to help members within the group achieve the financial and health goals they’ve always wanted. They have one common mission, to ensure you reach your level of success you’ve set for yourself.

Jim is an extremely successful author, trader, and real estate businessman. He has spent almost two decades in the real estate business. Sean Bower is an active business writer with extensive knowledge of finance. He is a regular contributor to The Midas Legacy website. Mark Edwards is a guru of health and natural health cures. He will be able to help you learn how to become healthy without the assistance of high priced medication from drug companies.

The road to happiness is right in front of you. You can achieve the best for yourself and your family with the assistance from the experts of The Midas Legacy.

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Choosing a Dog Food Brand

Dog Food Products

Dogs are like family members for a lot of people. There are a lot of owners who are willing to spend money on Amazon to make their pets happy and healthy. There are a lot of dog food companies to choose from today. However, Beneful still stands out from the competition because of their commitment to excellence. Anyone who wants to invest in the health of their dog should consider this brand. There are plenty of new dog flavor options for pet owners to choose from. With that in mind, the health of a dog is an important asset to protect. Anyone who wants to keep their dog healthy and happy should consider these brands.
Specialized Dog Food

Dog food is becoming more unique depending on the breed and age of the dog. This is a major shift from just a couple of years ago. In years past, all dog food was the same. Anyone who wanted their pet to get a personalized dog food experience had to search for a long time to find it. Beneful creates dog food options based on the needs of the pet. Anyone who is wanting to help their dog grow quickly will find plenty of options with this line of dog food.


Healthy Options

One of the fastest growing dog food segments is in healthy dog food. Although dog food is generally not considered healthy, many major players in the business are making investments in their products to change that. Pet owners today want the best for their dogs, and this means that companies must come to the table with options. There are plenty of pet owners who will gladly pay extra for their dogs to eat healthy. Over the long term, investing in healthy dog food options will pay off with lower vet bills. Anyone who wants to invest in their pet should do so with the food that they eat. There are a lot of studies made by Purinastore research that show dogs eating healthy food have a higher quality of life than those who do not.


Mike Baur: Speaker, Co-Founder, and Managing Partner at the Swiss Start Up Factory


Mike Baur: Speaker, Co-Founder, and Managing Partner at the Swiss Start Up Factory
The Swiss Start up Factory has a specific goal in mind, as they state on their website, “to provide young, talented, entrepreneurs in Switzerland a top professional execution platform that guides them through a dedicated and business-driven process from A to Z with ambitious milestones.” The man who started all of this and plays a huge role in the way things work in this company goes by the name of Mike Baur. He is originally from the Fribourg area in Switzerland, and still plays a huge role in his hometown today. His first and earliest profession was as a commercial apprentice at UBS, where he spent about twenty years there. Since Mike was fascinated with everything involving the subject of all types of banking and finance, so it was very easy for him to find passion at all of the jobs he professed. He also knew just about everything when it came to the Swiss Private Banking. Eventually he eventually became an executive board member of one of the largest independent banks in Switzerland. At just the young age of thirty-nine, in the year of 2014, Mike started his journey down the road of entrepreneurship, and quickly joined and founded the Swiss Startup Company with two other partners. Today The Swiss Startup Company holds the title of being the number one independently and privately financed ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Mike spends a lot of his free time mentoring various Startup companies, in which he also does a lot of their financial budgeting. He also does this in various programs that involve the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. Mike Baur also holds an MBA degree from the University of Rochester in New York, as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.
The Swiss Start up Factory happens to be running on a Zurich-based accelerator, and provides various different strong exciting opportunities through their strong network based mainly in Switzerland as well as coming around the whole globe. The SSUF accelerator program consists of a three-month-long start-up accelerator program in which they provide teaching, guiding and mentoring through a variety of different platform services, and also communicates with a large strong network of different successful entrepreneurs to help achieve their goals.
This program enables young entrepreneurs to realize their own ideas and create products and services according to their each unique goals at hand.

Darius Fisher To Speak In Las Vegas

Digital Marketing, Online Reputation

Darius fisher is the president of reputation management at Status Labs, and has recently booked a speaking engagement for September 23rd-25th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is a conference three days in duration, and is conducted to help those in the online marketing industry share solutions and ideas. Specifically, the event brings together the most proficient and intelligent members of this social group.

Darius plans on sharing about subjects as varied as the importance of being on the first page of a google search, to SEO best-practices and public reaction to a given paradigm of advertisement on the internet. An expert in online reputation management, Fisher hopes to help experts collaborate and increase their digital efficacy.

It makes sense that Fisher is speaking at this conference, as he works in capacity as both co-founder and president of Status Labs. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm which works through public relations and digital marketing to serve some 1500 clients across 35 separate countries. Clients served include prominent CEOs, politicians, Fortune 500 companies, athletes, and substantial public figures.

Fisher himself is responsible for creating the company’s strategic projections. Building agency partnerships with influential groups and recruiting management teams of an internationally renowned kind, Vanderbilt University Graduate Darius Fisher isn’t just competent, he’s successfully entrepreneurial.

Internet reputation is integral to business today. The new term for digital abuse is getting “doxxed”. The thing about being “doxxed” is that the information mocked isn’t always inaccurate; it’s just spun either out of proportion or into a realm of mocking and ridicule which has nothing to do with reality. Many readers have heard of a fan club. With the internet today, the new trend is a kind of “hate” club; where people vilify public figures with whom they disagree. Where before, this kind of thing was relatively harmless because of its lack of public impact, with the internet, the trend has spread disastrously. Such internet trolls can have major financial impact on organizations which provide the livelihood for hundreds of employees. Proper online reputation is essential, and so Darius Fisher developed Status Labs to keep clients’ public image on the internet secure.

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Prominent founder of the Human Rights Foundation

Activists, Human Rights

The world acknowledges Halvorssen as the president and founder of the New York’s Human Rights Foundation that started in 2005. He grew up in Caracas and speaks perfect English. His decent is from an assortment of state leaders since his mother hails from the family of Venezuela’s first president. His grandfather was the king’s consul in Venezuela. It explains the reason behind his passion for human rights and liberty for all. During his work in Venezuela, his father exposed the state of corruption that went on in the government and a Caracas prison tortured him. His mother faced the bullet during a demonstration and his cousin is a political prisoner in Venezuela. Thor differentiates himself from the rest of the activists in that his words are not sour and does not describe how weary the world is.

From his talks, Thor is a lover of people and emphasizes his love for the protesters and rebels, the makers of freedom and those who do not support tyranny. Thor worked with Havel who died in 2011. Garry, one of the political activists, took over the position. The title was not one to celebrate. The Russian police carried him away and tortured him as he protested the Pussy Riot’s guilty verdict. They sent him to prison for two years accusing him of singing an anti-Putin song.

Thor suffered several beatings for a similar reason. He took a cameraman with him in 2010 to Ho Chi where he interviewed a Vietnam Buddhist leader. Thich Do was under 28-year house arrest and his church banned. Authorities from Vietnam detained him and accused him of seeking Buddhism. His motto was that talking about human rights was not good enough, that one had to take action. The New York Times recognize him as a film producer who stands for human rights because his fight for human rights started during his adolescence. His goal was to liberate all the political prisoners. Thor says that he is not conservative and describes himself as a classical liberal who is against dictatorship because it tends to discriminate against the weak people.

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JustFab Fabulous Summer Line

Clothing Line

JustFab is an online retail shop that has you in mind. Signing up for JustFab gives you access to personalized style based on a quiz you take before you join. If you’re looking for a new and refreshed summer wardrobe, JustFab might be just right for you.

Looking for sizzling sandals? JustFab has every type you can imagine, from flats, wedges, heels, and more. They also have brilliant colors. I love wearing a pop of bright color on my feet in the summer months.

Their dresses and rompers are an absolute must have. Long or short, flowy or skin-tight, any style you want, JustFab has it. My favorite is the Knit T-Shirt dress. This is the perfect look for a casual summer baseball game with a pair of cute sneakers, or a night out on the town paired with a beautiful wedge.
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Of course, what is the perfect summer without the perfect swimsuit. I don’t know about you, but I am planning on hitting the beach a lot this summer. JustFab has so many options for all body types. High-waisted bikinis, sexy one pieces, tankinis, and bikinis in any style you want. They have so many great choices, I am so glad JustFab comes with a personalized style guide that fits my personality.

The great thing about JustFab is that it is only $39.95 to be a VIP member. As a VIP member you receive member-only pricing on all full priced items. On the first of every month you receive your personalized style boutique, select the items you want to buy, and if your order is $39 or more your shipping is free. If there isn’t anything you want to buy, you can opt for a new style boutique or simply skip the month. If you skip the month before the 5th you won’t be charged that month. There is no obligation to buy every month. It is the perfect solution for every busy girl, and you have your own personal stylist at the touch of your fingertips. 


The Truth Behind Hosting Short-Term Renters

Financial Advice

With these trying economic times, people do their best to make ends meet. There are a few different ways to do that. Now, in the digital age, the world has gotten a little smaller. This gives any willing individuals the ability to come up with creative solutions.

Some homeowners have found a new way to make ends meet. It’s a seemingly simple solution, renting out their home. On a short term basis of course. Sometimes it’s their whole house, but the homeowners who do this mainly rent out rooms in their house.

Doing this can definitely supplement income. Since it’s on a temporary basis, it all does seem like a quick easy way to make some money. There are even apps that help bring together renters and hosts, hosts being another term for the homeowner. This connection is easy, no muss, no fuss. Making a little cash and meeting new people sounds pretty exciting.

The reality is that this venture is not all it’s cracked up to be. Anyone who decides to do this is not, more or less, a business owner. There is a lot of responsibility that comes along with that. There are a lot of bases to cover. Not dealing with these things beforehand can leave any homeowner open to disaster.

First homeowners need to check up on, and if necessary, update their insurance policies. Another thing that is necessary is to check and see if short term renting is considered the same as being a bed and breakfast, according to the local government. If that’s the case then there is a whole host of other things that need to be done. Most of all seeking legal and insurance advice from professionals is strongly advised.

Renting out a room through services like Airbnb sound easy, but a lot can go wrong for those who are not so lucky. Things like physical injury on premises to renters who refuse to pay can happen. There is practically no help being offered from the service providers, like Airbnb, for neither the renter nor the host. Practically is the best word to use because even though there is a $1,000,000 host guarantee for every host that uses the service, it can only be accessed after said host has no other way of recouping their losses, and even then still the host would have to go through hoops to get to that money.

Founder of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair, understands all of these pitfalls. He has over 24 years worth of experience under his belt. He also comes from a family of teachers, so he understands the value of education and having knowledge. Blair is definitely the type of person to go to when dealing with financial matters. In the end, be sure that you know what you’re getting into when you want to make a little cash, it will save a whole lot of headaches later.

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The Importance of Stephen Murray to CCMP

CCMP, Investor

There are many business leaders who have a positive impact on their respective organizations. However, there are few leaders who are as great as Stephen Murray. Over the past couple of years, he has been able to take CCMP Capital to new heights. Although he passed away, his legacy still lives on in the lives of many people. He did a great job of leading the company to where it is today through providing quality customer service to investing customers. The investing world is a difficult one to break into. Stephen Murray is one of those few people who is able to take a problem and turn it into a benefit to the company that he is working with. There are a lot of things that young business owners can learn from Stephen Murray.

Providing Value to Clients

Wikipedia said that one of the biggest things that separates Stephen Murray from other business leaders is the fact that he is always providing value to clients. This is a huge difference from many companies who just look for ways to take from clients. Anyone who works with CCMP Capital is going to understand exactly what they need to do in order to succeed financially.

There are a lot of people who are happy that they came to work with him and his staff. Over the past few years, his company has grown to new heights. Even after his death, his work is still well-respected by many members of the company.

Stephen Murray

There are some people who are just built to run companies. Stephen Murray is one of those rare individuals who was always interested in starting up and running his own business. He enjoyed all of the hard work and stress that came from working in the industry.

Over the long term, Stephen Murray was able to build up CCMP Capital to be one of the best companies in the entire world. There are a lot of things that people can learn from his tenure at the company. In the way he treated customers, everyone felt like they were special.

Observer reasoned that this value that Stephen Murray delivered to shareholders was one of the most important things that any company can do. Over time, he was able to invest in a lot of people from the standpoint of being their mentor. This is why the company has continued to do so well from a financial perspective even after he passed away.

Great Looking Hair with Wen by Chaz

Hair Treatment

Is having a truly beautiful, shiny, great head of hair just an impossible dream? For some people who suffer from hair that is oily, lank and lacking in body, it can certainly seem that way. Yet the good news is that now there is a product line that gives hair back its body and gets it clean and shiny, naturally. The product line from is called Wen by Chaz, and it’s part of the innovative hair product line created by Los Angeles stylist Chaz Dean.
Wen by Chaz was reviewed by and it appeared that it uses natural ingredients in a shampoo and conditioner combination that is fresh smelling and easy to use. The Sweet Almond Mint formulation is especially good for those with oily and limp hair, and it is recommended that a large amount of product should be used for each wash. Chaz developed this line of hair treatments when he realized how many of his clients were in search of a product that would help them achieve healthier hair.

Within about a week of using this product, the hair will be shinier and feel fuller. It will smell great too!

So why waste time feeling sad about having less than perfect hair, Wen the solution is so readily available? Try Wen by Chaz Dean and enjoy healthier and more beautiful hair today. Wen is available online on ebay or Sephora’s Beauty Market: